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The Kernville-Gleneden Beach-Lincoln Beach Water District was established in 1952.

The areas served by the District include Kernville, Siletz Keys, Salishan, Gleneden Beach, Coronado Shores, Bella Beach, Lincoln Beach, Seagrove, Fogarty Creek State Park, and the Siletz Bay Airport.

The District’s water comes from two sources; Drift Creek and an unnamed tributary we call “Side Creek”. The water intake galleries draw from Drift Creek near the point that the creek leaves an area known locally as the “Gorge”. That area of the gorge is protected owl habitat, so development is not allowed.

The treatment process is simply to allow the pumped water to pass through large, slow-sand filters. In that sand, naturally occurring organisms remove the bacteria and contaminants from the water before it is chlorinated. The treated water is then pumped into the District’s distribution system and then gravity fed to our customers. Our water is consistently clean and pure and requires a minimum of disinfection to maintain its excellent quality. The District received an award for Best Tasting Surface Water in Oregon in 2001.

The District contracted with the Gleneden Sanitary District on June 10, 1976 to maintain and operate the sewer collection system including administration. They still have an agreement to this day. This agreement has worked very well over the years for the operation of the water and sewer districts as well as keeping rates at a minimum.